VFR1200FA 2014, motorcycle for young soul

Honda Canada VFR1200FA 2014 comes with all the sophistication that evokes a young soul. If at any time you try it the first time you will surely think that this is a suitable bike for you.

From the soothing beats shooting V4 evenly at idle, with a roar which gives when approaching the red line, a unique engine configuration is a treat for the senses. The chassis was also inspired by the unique final drive system that eliminates piracy and squat, usually associated with the drive shaft, giving a smooth, fluid transitions when rolling the throttle on or off.

A Combined Braking System with ABS provides peace-of-mind, while a number of innovative electronic help keep this impressive machine running at peak performance – so it does not interfere with riding experience. Graceful curves bodywork and paint rich in meaning VFR is a visual delight of the chair as well.
VFR1200FA 2014 picture


Traction Control System VFR1200FA carefully monitor a variety of different parameters, looking for unusual fluctuations which could suggest immediate loss of traction on the rear tires. If the system believes wheelspin is imminent, momentary engine power is reduced, thereby maintaining traction.

Lightweight and compact 1,237 cc 76-degree V-4 engine is liquid-cooled pumps out amazing levels of power with nuance and sound. By combining many of Honda’s most advanced technologies, engineers managed to create a very compact machine.

Unique cylinder layout locates the rear cylinders side by side but close together, and the front cylinders are more widely spaced. A slipper clutch allows rapid downshifting and increase control under deceleration. A throttle-by-wire system replaces the throttle cable with sophisticated electronics. It provides light, precise fuel metering at all engine rpm, the accuracy of the system gives the rider increased levels of control.

VFR1200FA 2014 Price

Canada’s motorcycles are sold at a price range of $ 14.499. For those of you who have the middle class and above, this is a low price when compared with a variety of sophisticated features.

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