Monumen Simpang Lima in Gumul Kediri

Kediri in addition save a lot of history, the district is also the administrative city complete with a very attractive tourist area. In addition to tourist areas such as the suburb of Mount Wilis and Kelud, in the area Gumul stands a monument known as Monument Simpang Lima.
Why is it called Simpang Lima? Kediri Monument building is similar to L’arch D ‘Triomphe in France. This magnificent monument stands in the middle of the circle there are five lines out of each area menujua way toward five regions as well, namely: Pare, Kediri, Plosoklaten, boarding school and Win.
At each road intersection there is one parking area, so at any intersection of visitors stop by their easy to park his vehicle. And from each parking area visitors can go directly to the monument area by passing through a tunnel under the road clean. Unique is not it?
Monument “Simpang Lima” which has a building area of ​​804 square meters, at the fulcrum of 3 ladders 3 feet from the base of the temple, and the height of 25 meters. If you go up to the roof of the monument, then we can see the whole beauty of Kediri. Extensive trade Simpang Lima area as a whole is 37 acres.
In Kediri monument sculpted wall reliefs about Kediri history, art and culture that reflects the administrative city. Wide and tall monument reflects the date, month and year anniversary Kediri, namely 25 March 804 AD. How history and origins of Kediri? Please read more here.
Simpang Lima monument is an icon Kediri Kediri. The location of this monument is about 6 kilometers from the town of Kediri, or about 120 km from Surabaya Juanda Airport. This area is projected to become the new city and the center of the western part of East Java trade (Central Business District).
This can be seen from the completeness are held, such as the convention hall, multipurpose building, Bank area, inter-city bus terminal and MPU, and recreation Gumul Paradise Island Water Park. Estimated future tourist Gumul Simpang Lima will be one of the travelers choice in this historic town.
For those of you who intend to go to Monument Simpang Lima traveled in a few days do not need hawatir, because the city is also a lot of hotels or inns providing cheap and comfortable fit desired price. Hotels can be booked either via the telephone, his official website or facebook page that is provided.

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