Magnetic force and how to make a magnet

Magnetic force and how to make a magnet-a Magnet is metal that can attract other objects that have elements of iron. Magnet of magnesia is taken from a place in the territory of Asia minor. A magnet can generate a force caused by magnetic attraction called the magnetic force.

The area around a magnet which is still influenced by the magnetic force is called the magnetic field. The presence of a magnetic field we can do by way of putting a magnet under the paper, then iron powder sprinkled on paper. Iron powder will gather in the magnetic field around the pole or the magnetic tip.

Magnetic field form a specific pattern. The pattern of magnetic field is called the lines of magnetic force. Magnetic force lines meet at kitib-pole magnet. This shows that the greatest strength of the magnet located on the poles.

The presence of a magnetic field gives rise to interesting pull-style. Based on the strength of the magnet being drawn to, objects are distinguished into three, namely ferromagnetic, paramagnetik, and Diamagnetism. The following explanation:

  1. Ferromagnetic materials, namely the objects that were pulled by strong magnets, such as iron or steel.
  2. Paramagnetik, that is, objects that are pulled by a magnet is weak, for example: nickel and aluminum.
  3. Diamagnetism, namely the objects that are not at all can be drawn by a magnet, e.g. wood, plastic, and paper.

Magnets can be used to make some tools, such as pencils, compass box, bicycle Dynamo, the door of the fridge, and electric bells. Along with the advances in technology, many are now made of artificial magnets.

Magnetic force and how to make a magnet

3 How to make a magnet

How to make a magnet there are 3 ways, namely rub, induction, and electromagnetic. The following explanation 3 How to make a magnet.

1. Make a magnet by means of rubbing

Making magnets by means of rubbing the very easy way, that is by rubbing a magnet are aligned on an iron bar magnet that will be created. The longer rubbing megnet, then the more powerful magnetic force which received the iron.

2. Make a magnetic induction way

Make magnets in magnetic induction is performed by attaching on the silly objects, such as iron and Iron nails. Objects that are brought or tacked on the magnet will be able to attract iron. But, if it is released kemagnetannya properties will be lost, so that the magnets are made by means of induction is temporary.

3. Make a magnet by means of electromagnetic

The making of magnetic electromagnetic way is making a magnet is done by means of draining electricity. Here's how: nails or iron which will be used as the magnetic coil the coil is given. Then both ends of the coil is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole.

Electric current will flow from the battery through the coil, so that the nail got the magnetic force of the electrical current. The more coils wrapped in nails or iron, then the more powerful style magnetnya.

Magnetic properties

Magnet has certain properties that are not owned by other objects. The magnetic properties are as follows:

  1. A magnet can attract certain objects, such as iron and steel (ferromagnetic), Platinum, nickel, and cobalt (paramagnetik).
  2. Magnetic force can penetrate certain objects, such as plastic, glass, mica, and cloth.
  3. Magnets have two poles, i.e. the North Pole and the South Pole.
  4. Its greatest strength lies in the poles.
  5. Polar namesake repelling, while poles will not namesake attraction.
  6. Magnets always leads to the North and South.
  7. Kemagnetan properties of a magnet can be lost if the magnets are often dropped, dipukul-pukul, and heated or burnt.

So we can tell them about the magnetic force and how to make a magnet. Information technology may be beneficial for you and us all.

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