Javanese Government System

Javanese Government System. Most people living in rural areas of Java. The village is the smallest form of legal entity. Village or sub-district administration headed by a village chief or village chief / officer, assisted by the Officials (Village retainer). Village officials composed as follows:

1. Carik (village secretary), his duty to the administration of the village.

2. Kamituwa (village head), is the leader of a hamlet (hamlet) as representative of the village in the hamlet. In the village there are some people Kamituwa in accordance with the number of the hamlet or village.

3. Kebayan, bringing its work papers and reports to superiors, delivering orders to the people. In the village there are also several people parrot.

4. Constable, his job as a security guard coordinator village. He is responsible for managing and deploying siskamling Hansip (Civil Defense) or Hanra (Defence of the People).

5. Modin, a kind of village headman. His job taking care if there are deaths, organize people to be married, divorce, refer to the prince, and so forth.

6. Ulu-ulu (jagatirta), his duties taking care of the irrigation water in rice fields of the villagers.

All of the foregoing Officials elected by the villagers through a democratic ballot. Except in cities, all of Officials and Headman not paid with money, but with the villages of land use rights (or bent appanage). Officials complete the entire meeting with the village chief is generally held once a week at the Village Hall that serves as the village office.

Based on the results of the 1980 census, the population of Java and Madura approximately 91,282,472 people. Total area: 134,703 sq km. So that the density (density) of 678 inhabitants per kilometer.Khusus Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java, there are 57,285,792 people. So just elbow Java Nation in 1980 the number has more than 50 million people. This means 40% of the entire population of Indonesia.

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