Cara Mudah Menggambar atau Sketsa Sofa cum Bed

How To Draw Sofa Cum Bed? Sofa Cum Bed is a new type of furniute / furnace sensation offering comfort for your sleep.
Sofa cum Bed Picture
Sofa cum Bed Picture
Here is a quick tutorial on how to draw Sofa cum Bed in a few easy steps.
Step 1
How To Easily Draw or Sketch Sofa cum Bed
3-D rectangular design drawing for its base.
Step 2
How To Draw Sofa Cum Bed
Enhance the sides and front as shown.
Step 3
How to Quickly and Easily Draw Sofa cum Bed
Draw the mattress.
Step 4
Easy Step Drawing Sofa cum Bed
Draw furniture that is artistic in the back and a long cushion (bolster).
Step 5
How To Easily Draw or Sketch Sofa cum Bed
Complete the image and add the necessary finishing touches
And many more easy to draw tutorial furniture / furniture that others. Thank you for your visit.

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