BAD INFLUENCE OF SPECIAL EFFECTS IN FILM. We now live in the era of special effects, where special effects become someone to watch a movie teaser. Created special effects so convincing, so we see it as if real.

Even something that we believe is unlikely, for example, animals that talk, we could believe it when we see the film, because the movement of muscles, jaw, and mouth of these animals are so convincing.

It’s not a problem for us as adults. But for children, it can be very dangerous. How much we hear, a child falls and fractures, and even die because it mimics want to fly like a champion. Children who witnessed the Power Ranger, marveled at the champion.

Power Ranger was never wounded, although falls from height, hit, hit, kicked because everything is made ​​with special effects.

Children imitate the style of fighting with the Power Ranger, will most likely be injured. If you ever watched the Twister (1996), surely you remember how Helent Hunt escaped by tying themselves to an iron pipe, was in the midst of swirling winds and survived.

In America, there are some kids who try to imitate the scene and waited for the whirlwind to come. As a result, they lost their lives.

So, how do the effects of special effects in movies affect us greatly influenced how we receive it. And do not forget, accompany your child while watching movies, even movies aimed at children.

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