What is this?

Tulipedia.org is a wiki that currently contains a working set of documents, initially to be written for the student-hosted TULIP seminar at Wright State University. Every link is a working draft, and will be updated as the weeks go on. This site will subsequently function as a resource for learning about Calvinism.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a document collection that can be freely modified and expanded with collaborative software (this one uses MediaWiki). Anyone who comes to this site can edit a page and have its content instantly republished. This harnesses the power of collective intelligence. Some notable features are as follows:

  • All changes to a document are archived.
  • Unwanted changes can be backtracked.
  • Each document has a “talk” (or “discuss”) section, where people can discuss content.
  • Pages are automatically created by creating a link to the title.

Editing Policy

If you’re a Calvinist, feel free to chip in and add/modify documents. Arminians are welcome to edit as well, but please keep in mind the overriding Calvinistic proclamatory intention of the site.

Create a User Account

Please create for yourself a user account and log in so that we can better keep track of changes.

Learn How to Edit a Page

This tutorial should get you started.

Writing Guidelines

Write for Two Crowds

Tulipedia’s content is meant to be both intoductory for those unfamiliar with Calvinism, as well as comprehensive for those already acquainted. When writing or editing larger pages, please make sure there is an abstract.

When to Preach

Much of the material on this site is meant to be lively and proclamatory, rather than cold or supposedly neutral. However, for practical reasons, the various, differing nuances within Calvinism (however hard it may be to describe Calvinism as a whole) should be neutrally described (not preached). This standard is somewhat subjective, but it should do for now. More objective standards will be drafted later.


Vandalism is bad-faith addition, deletion, or change to content, made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity or intended content of the encyclopedia. That would be a sin. Please respect our turf :-). If you need to, you’re welcome to start your own wiki.

We haven’t had any problems with vandalism thus far, but we foresee it a reality when Tulipedia.org goes mainstream. The benefits of aggregating intelligence outweigh the potential problems!


  • Initial Development. Develop main articles on each of the five letters in TULIP with the following self-explanatory sub-stages: ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’, and ‘Ready’.
  • Pre-release Stage. Start developing miscellaneous; fill in the holes; start new pages (stubs).
  • Redesign. Tulipedia.org will be overhauled July 1st (or earlier) to be more user-friendly.
  • Widespread promotion. Tulipedia.org will be aggressively advertised and a team of administrating editors will be sought.
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