5 puppets of Java

5 puppets of Java. In the Java community recognized the existence of some kind of puppet, but for now that is still often performed only puppet / puppet Purwa and people. Here are 5 types of puppets of Java:

1. Puppet Purwa : puppet whose story is sourced in the book of Mahabharata and Ramayana from India. Mahabharata tells the story of the civil war the Pandavas and the Kauravas because andata scramble Astinapura. Meanwhile, the battle between the Ramayana by King Rama Ravana assisted by soldiers under the leadership of Hanuman monkey.

2. Puppet Gedok : the puppets are made ​​of wood with taking the story of Krajaan Kediri Panji, Panji stories Semirang example.

3. Puppet Klithik : namely small puppet that tells the battle between the Majapahit kingdom against kingdom Damarwulan Senapati Blambangan that dipimping by Minakjinggo.

4. Puppet Menak : which is shaped like a puppet doll, made ​​of wood which tells the heroic Amir Hamzah, Marmoyo and Marmadi. Menak puppet story is heavily influenced by the Islamic religion of Persia.

5. Puppet Suluh : the puppet which contains lighting (sesuluh) to the public without a demonstration like the other puppets.

Of the five types of puppets at the top, all is well as guidance for the public spectacle of Java in particular how we should live in this mortal nature. For example puppet, although the majority language Kawi language but the content it conveys a very deep meaning.

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