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WHAT IS A SPECIAL EFFECT? Special Effects or Special Effects in the Indonesian language, often abbreviated SPFX or SFX widely used in the world of film, television and entertainment. With this definition, there just are not special effects in films, such as those known to ordinary people. Special effects are not only tangible image, but having the broad sense. So if we often see live music with all kinds of laser light, fireworks, it can also be categorized as special effects.

Whatever its form, special effects used to enhance the impact of an object on the human senses. It could be a spectacle objects, pictures, or performances. Thus, the expected special effects can enhance a person's attraction to such objects.

Special effect is a combination of art and technology. In terms of technology, not just a mastery of the technology used, but also knowledge of how to capture the image of the human senses to be received by the brain. While the arts, a role on how these technologies are used to achieve this.

That will be the special effects experts is how to deceive the human senses, especially audio-visual, that as if it happens.

For example we want to create a rain effect. First, we must know beforehand how the rain is right according to the characteristics of the human eye. After that with any technology you have, we try to emulate the characteristics of the rain.

Most important is not how the real form of rain occurred, but the extent to which characteristics of the rain filled. The technology used can vary. Some people will make the rain with water that is sprayed upward. The animators at Disney, first create the rain effect using a thin sheet of perforated so much, then moved quickly in front of the camera.

Or, we can also create a rain effect using a computer. The important thing is not how sophisticated the effect of rain is made, but the amount of rainfall characteristics is reached.

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