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EFFECTS OF SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. There are several usability use special effects.

1. Special effects used to visualize scenes that can not be achieved with the usual tools, such as space travel to Mars. Never before have humans to Mars. For that special effects used to create it.

2. Also used when special effects when using a real tool even very expensive. For example if we want to make a very powerful blast, destroying many buildings, cars, and other infrastructure. If you want to save costs, special effects can be a mainstay.

3. Special effects are also used when the use of filming real people or tools would endanger a particular actor. For example the explosion scene, the actors certainly do not want to die stupid time making movies, so the explosions carried out by special effects.

4. Special effects are also used to improve the quality of the films that have been taken, by adding, reducing or changing the elements in the film. In the latest release of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, 2004. If you notice any changes in the final scene.

Initially beside Yoda is Sebastian Shaw. Later in the release of 2004, Sebastian Shaw was replaced by Hayden Christensen (who plays Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader in Episode II (2002) and III (2005).

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